Client Testimonials

Dana has provided excellent services to our IT company for several years. She and her team make filing H1B and green cards for our employees seamless, straightforward and reasonably priced. She communicates very well with our employees and they appreciate her willingness to answer their many questions and process their cases as fast as possible. She is accessible, competent and gives advice based on the latest immigration happenings. She has been very helpful in giving advice to friends, ex-colleagues whom I have referred and have doubts regarding visas, Green card issues. We recommend her highly!      -Harry


I have been working with Dana for the past 2 years. She has helped me with my immigration petitions and permanent residency. Dana is very much accessible whenever I have a question. She patiently listens to all my queries and answers all of them. She is very transparent and trustworthy. I would say she is the best in the trade. Having worked with lawyers like Berry Appleman & Leiden; Dana is a class apart.              –Amul


We have been working with Dana’s firm for over 7 years. We have had a very good experience working with Dana and her team. Dana is an outstanding attorney with a great deal of knowledge in the field of Immigration Law . She is a reliable, honest and a caring attorney. She and her team have demonstrated a profound knowledge of immigration matters.           -Murali


I had my PERM denial in May 2013 with my earlier employer was based in New Jersey. So I had to change my employer to start a new PERM process ASAP. In this process I got introduced to Dana by my new employer to work on my H1 and Immigration process (sponsored by my new employer).  By that time I just had 10 months left for my 6 years of my H1 expiry. During that time PERM approvals were taking near about 10 months. So I was concerned about my status as I was running out of time.  Then I had a call with Dana and she was positive that I can get my I-140 before my 6th year of my H1 expiry. As I was running out of time, she also explained me the options incase of PERM audit. Then I agreed to start the process. She first started with my H1 transfer, which went smooth without any RFE, then PERM and I-140 on time. Then she got my H1 extended for another 2 years after I got my I-140 approved. I have not received a single RFE/audit with all of my petitions filed by Dana. This will show how perfect her documentation and demonstration of the case to USCIS without any delays. Dana is very prompt in responding on emails. As she is very prompt on email, I didn’t get a chance to call her and follow up. Her staff Shilpa, Tess, SD, Adam are also very supportive in making excellent work. I am glad I got all my immigration issues resolved on time with the help of Dana and her teams excellent work.  I highly recommend Dana to anyone who are looking for your immigration needs.        -Phanidar


We have worked with Dana and her team for about 7 years now. They help us with our H1B and GC work permit related business requirements.  They are very knowledgeable, reliable, personable, good listeners and supportive.  We value their advice as we feel it is fair, unbiased, true and without intent to extract business.  We continue to take their services and whole heartedly recommend them to anybody who requests immigration attorney references.           -Manoj


Our company has been using Dana Law and her team of experienced attorneys for our immigration needs, almost like forever!!! Her office makes filing H-1Bs and GCs a piece of cake. They are always available with answers ready to make our employees feel comfortable and they make the effort seem so seamless. They are reasonably priced, honest and straightforward. I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat. Thanks Dana, Shilpa, Tess, Adam, SD for your wonderful services!      -Alima


Dana has been our immigration lawyer for the past 5 years and has handled numerous H1B and green card applications. She is highly responsive and is surrounded by a pleasant and knowledgeable team. We would not consider using anyone else – I highly recommend her for your immigration needs.       -David


Dana has been our immigration attorney for the last more than 10 years. She has done an excellent job for us. Her staff is very professional and responsive. She is also very competitive in terms of her fee structure. It has been very relieving to have a law firm that is reliable, professional and effective.              -Mohinder


If there is even a remote possibility of finding a   way to resolve any  immigration issues within the legal realms , be rest assured Dana Michael Ritter will find it. I have been working for 3 years with her on our company’s immigration and visa needs, and have had a super  experience in every case filed by her office. I have worked on some most difficult and complex work visa cases for our employees through Dana’s office and got them cleared successfully. We appreciate the good work Dana and her co-attorney’s at her office provide us. Her insights on the visa and immigration process have been most accurate. We continue to work with her as of this date and look forward to a long association with her and her office.            – Gazal