Immigration Administration Specialist

Ms. Bhakti Parghi has over six years of experience in high volume, business immigration work.  She has extensive experience with nonimmigrant cases like H-1B and L, as well as immigrant cases, both in the US and abroad. Her past experience includes working as an immigration coordinator for a large IT consulting company, as well as an immigration paralegal for a local law firm.  This experience, working both in-house and with outside counsel, gives her a unique perspective on the needs of both.

Ms. Parghi’s interest in immigration law came from her personal experience as an immigrant from India.  As a US Citizen, Ms. Parghi has personally experienced the entire immigration process.  Through her professional and personal experience, she has a unique understanding of the immigration process and the needs of our clients.

Ms. Parghi is a graduate of Mumbai University with a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting. Ms. Parghi is fluent in English, Gujarati, Hindi, and Marathi – she can be reached at 925-846-6800 ext. 100 or