Ms. Arundhati Chakravorty

Immigration Specialist

Ms. Arundhati Chakravorty brings over twenty-five years of professional experience with U.S. business immigration processes to the law office. Her experience includes non-immigrant and immigrant visa processes (H/L/TN/B, employment and family-based petitions (“green cards”) and naturalization).  She has worked with large corporate clients as well as start-up companies and individuals and with people across a wide range of cultural and educational backgrounds.  Ms. Chakravorty is very familiar with the nuances inherent in each case and works diligently to satisfy the needs of each client.

Ms. Chakravorty’s introduction to U.S. immigration law came about due to her personal experience in negotiating the U.S. immigration process and because of this, she brings patience, empathy and understanding in her interactions with clients in the course of her work.  Arundhati obtained a Paralegal Certificate from San Francisco State University.  She holds an MBA degree (Finance) from Calcutta University (IISWBM), and a Bachelor’s degree in English (Honours) from St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta.  She is fluent in English, Bengali, and Hindi.  Ms. Chakravorty can be reached at 925-846-6800 ext 100 or arundhati[at]